Thursday, March 19, 2009


Spring BreaK means Caden is visiting. He has had a problem spending the night with Nana and Pops, but he made up his mind to do it this past weekend and now he is on a roll. He stayed three nights and 4 days with us. Of course he had to sleep with Nana and Pops had to sleep in the back room. We have really had a good time.

Tub pics are the one time when he is clean!! We worked in the yard, cleaning and planting. We found Rollie Pollie bugs and spider sacs and played in the sand box (I didn't take enough pics). I cooked his favorite breakfast each morning: egg, bacon, and toast. We played Guitar Hero and he found out that Nana ain't bad!! We played football (I hate this one, but I suffer through it) and rode on the Mule (ATV). Of course we visited my mother and Caden loves to eat supper with her and give her the medications.
I will have Cullen tomorrow and Mom and Dad will take Caden to Waco to Chuck E Cheese and Putt Putt Golf. I hope the "little one" and I have a good day. What are you doing tomorrow. I might give you a call! LOL



Kathy said...

Oh what fun it sounds like you and Caden had!!!! Tell ole Pops that Poppy Earley usually has to go to a different bed too when the kiddos come at the Earley house too!

Have fun with with Cullen!

Pat said...

Our younger daughter was one who could never get herself to stay overnight anyplace for several years...think it took her until about age 7. Now she is the one who has just released a music CD and has played flute, and sang and danced in front of I guess she got over her shyness. LOL Caden is really a handsome little guy and I'm glad you had such a nice time with him. Give baby Cullen a hug for me!

Kath said...

The tub pictures are fantastic! He looks like he has had a great time! You are a GREAT Nana!


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