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It's the beginning of the month so I am revealing my Mother's SBS Quilt February Block. Nothing unusual about this block exept it is just so darn cute! She has definatly seen her beau as she is dressed in her finest. My mother made sure that her dress is just right down to the decorative stitches around the bottom of her skirt and the brim of her hat. He brought her some chocolates--a big box --I am sure they are Russel Stover! Nothing but the best for this special girl.

A Sunbonnet Baby walking down the street
Looking for her beau, but being discreet
Maybe she's anxious, maybe he's slow
Maybe he's waiting, so home she should go
A box a chocolates is on her front step
Happiness , happiness, so much she lept.

by Molly

This weeks post is dedicated to Worldly SBS's. From my web search on the subject, I am sure that Sunbonnet Sue is known world wide among quilters. I found blocks from some countries and posted them below along with links to their location. Please visit them and find oh so much more information.

Sunbonnet Sue Around the World? Is this an American Quilt Block? Originated here? YES, but other countries love her too. I found this book from Japan for sale with information about it explaining how popular Sue is in the Orient. Evidently they have been printing ther own SBS books for some time. As you can see from the example above, they include much detail. This book can be purchased from the website. Keep in mind that it is printed completely in Japanese, but the description says you won't need to read the words because the illistrations are so fantastic.

I found a Chinese Sue Here.

Gina is a loyal follower of my SBS posts from the UK. She graciously sent me a pattern from her country. This Welsh Sunbonnet Girl is delightfully dressed much as an Early American Sue might be with a flowing gate. The most distinquishable difference that I notice is her bonnet which is the crown and glory of all Sunbonnet Sues. Please visit here to see a picture of a woman in the Welsh National Costume. Thank you so much, Gina for your generousity and your love of Sue!

I found this Bride SBS block made in Mexico~~~by Rosi

This Bride Sue is found at the same site and is from Hawaii. These quilts were made to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. They were sent in fron all over the world. There are so many from the states on this page. You should check them out!

This one is made by Bea Galler and is from Germany.

This one is considered a "Bad Sue" and is from Switzerland. She is wearing a red hat and boots and is hurrying to the church. Made by Doris Stauffer Neidhardt.

Here is a darling Hawaiian SBS pattern sold on Ebay.

Next weeks post will be dedicated to Colonial Lady Sue. I hope I see you then. If you have a Colonial Lady Quilt that you would like to see me post all you have to do is send me the pic and information. I will be honored. If you have a Sue post on your blog that I have not found, please send me a link and I will link to your blog.

Having a ball! THANKS!



Pat said...

What fun to see the SS's from other countries...and the February Sue made by your mom is darling!!!

Kathy said...

Molly, once again you out done yourself. The Valentine SBS is precious. I love all those other pics too. The Hawaii SBS are too cute. Thank you for educating us about SBS.

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