Saturday, December 20, 2008


I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to post, but new grandbabies, a sick mother, a husband who goes deer hunting and leaves a wife to "tend the ranch", not to mention Christmas has just about been too much. BUT--------

The above photo is proof that life is good! You see, here on the ranch, GOOD ranch hands are hard to come by. We have decided to produce our own. The first two (DS's) are the cream of the crop and the second string started with (DGS) Caden, now almost 6, and the most recent little cowboy, as seen above, is Cullen Samuel. He won't be worth much for awhile (mostly the fault of the grandparents!), but will soon be riding and roping, and able to take care of the most bundlsome task that might arise on the ranch. He will wear the dirtiest boots, drive the biggest truck, and wear the tallest hat you every saw in TEXAS. He will laugh the longest, sing the loudest, and grow the biggest heart that any cowboy ever grew. Just so you know--that is how we do things down here--always BIG.

But this little cowboy didn't come here so big. He weighed 5 lbs. and 14 oz. He was 19 1/2 inches long and his hair is sandy brown unlike his big brother who showed up with black hair. His name was chosen because it goes well with his brothers name and is suitable for a cowboy. His second name is after his paternal great grandfather. That would be my dad. I am particularly proud of that. I may call him Sam on the side.

If you think he looks no different than most newborns, I encourage you to "look again". He is special. I know---he's my grandson. Thanks for listening to the ramblings of a new Nana, again.

I will post an album on my sidebar in case you want MORE!!


A very Proud Papa

An update on the Christmas "Boot" stocking. I took it down to the local florist and had it decorated to hang on the hospital room door. All the nurses loved it. Clint (son) said that his almost took it down as he was afraid someone would steal it!


Quilting Cindy said...

He is just beautiful! I think he is a fine looking cowboy!

Kathy said...

Isn't God AWESOME! I know how proud you are. Cullen is PRECIOUS! Congratulations on the new "lil ranch hand". As I read your post I could just picture Pa Jim and Baby! Don't you know they are smiling! And Pete -- oh my gosh -- He is probably saying "what the hell is with Samuel???? What's wrong with "Pete". Congratulations my friend!

Rhonda said...

Ohhhh what a cutie, Nanna. Merry Christmas!

Danielle said...

Congratulations Molly. Truly a one of a kind Christmas present!

Gina said...

He is gorgeous. Congratulations on your new cowboy

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Marsha said...

His IS the most beautiful cowboy I have seen recently! :-) If you can put beautiful & cowboy together! Congrat's on the newest ranch hand. Merry Christmas

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