Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today was a "GOOD" Day--Welcome Fall

Well, temperatures dropped in my part of Texas today. It is now 56 degrees. The high today was near 80 so as you can see once again--"IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE WEATHER IN TEXAS-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------JUST WAIT A MINUTE.
As I sit here blogging, I can hear the wind howling and the wreath on the front door bumping. Rain did fall for a short time this evening before dark, so all all my plants got a much needed drink. I ran out onto the porches and put all my plants out into the rain and then put them back into their places after the rain. The electricity keeps popping on and off---
I love it when the seasons change and so does your mood. Kinda like God's way of keeping you motivated about living. Always something to look forward to. All the memories of days gone by come flooding into your mind triggered by the sights, smells, and feelings around you. Halloween was a real special time for us all as children. I lived in tiny town USA where I attende d 2 room school house. Halloween meant a carnival where we bobbed for apples, won tiny plastic prizes at a fish pond and were scared out of minds in the haunted house. I have walked our dirt streets "Trick or Treating" with my friends, unchaperoned. We knew everyone in town and they gave homemade goodies or storebought choc0late candy (I am sure that this and the fact that my dad owned the general store were the start of my weight problem.) Enough of this-------

My box of goodies from Quilter's Club came today. It includes the first of 3 issues of Easy Quilts by Fons and Porter. A charm pack of Madder Red's and a spool of thread from Connecting Threads., a DVD of Tips and discount coupons from some other companys. A pretty cool collection. I got a really good offer through the mail to join, it actually cost me only about $30. A year's subscription is worth that. Hey, just the programs are worth that and then I got a charm pack on top of that!! Hey I am happy~

My embroidery is still progressing. I have been searching the web for stitchery blogs. There are some fantastically talented people out there who must stitch constantly as they have produced some fantastic work. The heart pincushion you see here is my own design. Again, I stitch just as I quilt. I would rather do my own thing than follow directions and produce a duplicate of someone elses design. OR--maybe I am incapable of following directions. I think that might be the case. But whatever the case, I am what I am and I will continue to beat my own drum (so to speak). You cannot tell from this photo, but this pincushion is attached to a glass heart shaped dish that I found at a garage sale.

I did get my yard mowed today before the "norther" hit. Actually, I finished just before the rain. My DH and DS came home from a trip to West Texas where they were visiting their deer lease. They went to clean, put up feeders and stands, and generally get things ready for the year's hunt. I will never understand the love, but hey, maybe they don't understand my love for quilting and all it's aspects. To each his own, I always say.
I knew these hunters would be hungry when they got home--not really but eating fast food for days always makes them look forward to getting home, sssssssssoooooooo. I cooked. I am an "old fashioned", "country" cook. No gourmet here. I cooked turnip greens, cream peas with corn on the cob, Meatloaf patties with peppercorn gravy, and hot water cornbread. I was not going to fry hot water cornbread, but when DS came in and saw those turnip greens he started begging me. OKKK ----For those of you who do not know about hot water cornbread. It is cornmeal that is cooked by pouring boiling water into meal. Then patties are patted out and fried. The result is something soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. So delicious that you cannot eat just one and not two. Many, many, many--that is how many you eat. This is the reason I hate to cook them. I eat too many. This recipe came from my DMIL. She was a fantastic country cook. I think some people put baking powder in thier HWC, but not me. I mean you can, but you get a differnet product.

Sorry, I didn't mean to make you hungry----LOL. I also cannot believe I have rattled on and on and it is now 12.20 am! OHMYGOSH! I must go to bed. I do love this weather. GGGOOOOODD sleeping weather. Sleep tight! See ya tomorrow~


Clevelandgirlie said...

A crisp Autumn breeze sure has a way of invigorating us -- doesn't it! I wake up each and every day now with a spring in my step - and big plans in my head. Love it!
Now, as for your goodie box - holy cow Molly! You did score. Now curl up under a Texas tree (not sure what they grow over there!) pour a cup of something (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, whiskey! (wink!) and soak in every word and picture of those magazines.
Enjoy the day!

PS we eat lots of corn bread in North Carolina - I've got to try your recipe - it looks fabulous!

The Quilting Pirate said...

yep, I'm hungry now!! What is the last picture of? Corn and beans? I love the pan fry corn bread, I bet my husband would too!!

I love fall!

Kath said...

Wow, Molly! I was right there with ya - every step of the way! I followed you out to the porch to put the plants in the rain and sat at your counter while you cooked! I love it when you tell a story!

I, too, love this weather! I just wish I would slow down a little and enjoy it more. It's such a short stay!

Thanks for the stroll!


Kathy said...

OMG! I LOVE hot water cornbread and have not had any for years. I'm going to try to remember to bring to our retreat a really special cookbook I have. I think you would enjoy looking thru it. It has the recipe for HWC -- just cornmeal, salt and egg and boiling water. Ma always made it and there was ALWAYS some sitting on a plate on her stove and us kids would always grab some when we went thru the house! Oh, you have brought back some memories.

Rhonda said...

How could you do this to me, Molly. That looks so good...I thnik I can actually smell it from here.

mjnauert said...

Molly, What are you tryin' to do? Kill me? You write your blog like a John Steinbeck novel. I feel like I am right there with you. Except my belly is grumbling instead of full. I don't know if I would have paused to take a picture as hungry as I got just looking at it. You better not do too many posts of your cooking skills, or we may just have a new cook at retreats!

Clevelandgirlie said...

You motivated me to decorate my "blog home" for Halloween too!
How fun.
Enjoy your Sunday Molly!

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