Monday, October 13, 2008

Noah's Ark Block of the Month

Well, my stitchery is still on top of my "what I am doing today" list. I am enjoying it so much that I find myself thinking about it whatever I am doing and trying to figure out when I can get in a few more stitches. The pincushions are on hold and I have shifted to the Noah's Ark BOM from Lynette Anderson. I have been anxious to get at least one block done so that I can say that I at least got started. Actually I now have 2 blocks done.

I decided to do white bunnies instead of black or dark brown as most I have seen. My background is on the dark side, so I could get away with the white. The back stitch around the edge is all 6 strands. I like the thick look of it to give the block a nice frame.

I veered off into "doing my own thing" on this block as I tend to do in all areas of my life. Two sides of the frame are green to represent the tree and the other two brown sides represent the bark of the tree. I did a back stitch and then random stitches on either side to resemble bark. The leaves in the corner are also an addition I made.

Thanks for visiting and taking a look at my blocks and let me say "THANK YOU" again to Lynette Anderson for sharing her ideas and her talent for designing beautiful stitchery blocks.


Lynette Anderson said...

The Ark blocks look great and i just love the little 'extras' that you have added to make your unique. Thanks for showing them.

Marilyn said...

Nice Ark blocks, Molly. Hey, I'm celebrating my 100th post with a giveaway. Leave a comment telling me how and when you started quilting to enter.

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