Friday, September 26, 2008


WACKIES GO TO THE TEXAS STATE FAIR!! And what a day it was. To start the day, my alarm did NOT go off and I had exactly 20 minutes to get ready for my long day. Seven of us climbed into Kathy's Surburban and off we flew to Dallas to be attending the 10 am cermony of the Texas Department of Agriculture 2008 Quilt unveiling--Theme--TEXAS WINE!! Remember? I have posted several times. Several Wackies submitted blocks and 3 were chosen to be included in the quilt. The day was so enjoyable. Certificates were received as the winners names were announced. Then the unveiling of the quilt-----


The rest of the day was filled with fun--from corn dogs, hot dogs and kraut dogs, margaritas, curly potatoes, and cotton candy to seven Wacky Women in a photo booth--well, almost!! What can I say. We live each day to the fullest or all the days we can anyway. We laughed until we ached all over and then some. People stopped to watch and one ladie took our photo OUTSIDE the booth as the booth pictures caught only a few of us.

Here we are:


Kathy said...

What a WILD AND WACKY day it was! Congratulations to Jerri and Rhonda for being winners! To all you other Wackes, thanks for going, it was really, really fun. My favorite part was the picture booth!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hey you Margarita drinking, quilt observing, fair going, corn dog eatin' kinda gal! What a great day you had. Our state fair is in October - Sabrina and I both will have entries, and my husband is going to enter the chilli cook off!! How cool you have such a great bunch of buddies!

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