Friday, July 11, 2008

Log Cabin and Jacob's Ladder--Revealed

I am very long overdue in posting about "Antique Quilts". I have been very preoccupied with learning more about my embroidery machine. Taking a break to fullfill my promise.
Here we go-
The first quilt is identified in Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns as Log Cabin. I is most wool, with some satin centers. This quilt is my DH's family's quilt and we are not sure who made it. It could have been his great grandmother. She learned hand work from attending a female college in our small town in the late 1800s. I believe this quilt to be from that time frame, so it could have been made in the generation before her.

This quilt is fabric front and back and tacked. The fabric used here looks like 1930-40 feed sacks. One little torn spot caused me to see another color underneath-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

As you can see there is a Jacob's Ladder underneath. When a quilt was worn and began to show cotton, many quilts were incased in more fabric and tied so that they could continue to be used.
It is amazing how frugal generations before us were. They used it up and wore it out!! Completely!! They found a way to use it even when it was worn out!!


Patricia said...

Hi, I'm Patricia, a fellow central Texan. I found your site last week linking from link to link and reading. I think you live where the Fire Chief recently died in an accident. If I'm right, just want to convey my condolences to your community. I have a grandson who is a volunteer fire fighter, and a nephew who is assistant fire chief in the small town where he lives. They are all truly heroes 24/7.
You have a great website and I've really enjoyed it. You have beautiful quilts. I've sewn forever, but I'n a novice quilter. If I'm wrong about where you live, I apologiza :)

Patricia said...

Oops! I meant apologize. It's been a long day!

Quilting Journey said...

What a charming blogsite, Molly! Totally enjoyed your stories about Caden, Lulu and Tom Brady! Not to mention the wonderful quilts! Thanks so much for the link back!

Kathy said...

Wow Molly, what a cool find in that quilt! You have some of the neatest family heirlooms! I think this is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Lovely quilt and a great discovery! It reminds me of when I was looking at one of my Grandmothers quilts and asked my Mom what batting was in it. She "very embarrassed" said, "She use an old wool Army blanket." I thought it was a cool idea and how warm that quilt was. Old Army blankets can be pretty handy! Recycle!

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