Thursday, July 31, 2008

I haven't mentioned on this blog that I recently quit my musuem job. I really have had a hard time feeling "useful". I looked forward to having time to do things I have always wanted to do___like learn about my embroidery software, clean out my closets, read a book in the back yard. Take my grandson swimming and talk to him about the important things in life. It's been about a month now and I am getting more accustomed to the easy life. I now have time most days to go into my sewing room and work at my leisure.
After the Wacky Pac Retreat last week-end, I came home more eager to learn more about Embroidery Software. I downloaded free trial versions of Buzztools Buzz2stitchs, BuzzEdit, BuzzSize, and Personalize It. Also Amazing Designs Software. Amazing Design is not as user friendly as I need. I liked the Buzztools software, but each part of the software is sold seperately and gets rather expensive to buy it all.
I own a Janome 10001 embroidery machine. It came with Customizer. After experimenting with other versions of software, I decided to go back to Customizer and see, once again, if I could make something happen.
This daisy is autodigitized--------

Not too bad, but the outline stitch look rather skimpy and it is off a little bit.
This is the same design, but I changed the stitches experimenting with the cross stitch fill and also the satin stem stitch. Not bad, but I lost the outline somewhere along the line. I can edit designs with Customizer--rotate, flip, and Change the colors. The only thing I really need is to be able to change the size--more thanthe 20% alowed by Customizer.

After not being thrilled with the designs in I created I Customizer, I stitched out a design provided by BuzzTools site that is suppose to be done in Buzz2Stitches. It really is a greatly stitched design.
If anyone has any experience with the programs I mentioned in this post, please comment. I could buy Janome Digitizer Pro, but it is considerably more money.

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Clevelandgirlie said...

I laughed when I read this particular post -- what I want to know, Molly is.....
Have you read that book in the backyard? Cleaned out your closets? Learned how to work your embroidery software???? Hmmmm??????
Me thinks NOT!

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