Saturday, June 7, 2008

Texas Dept. of Agriculture Block Challenge

My challenge block was mailed last week. I was required to use 6 of the fabrics included in the packet. This is my pattern, made AFTER the block. I decided to use a pieced background to make it easier to incorporate more of the fabrics into the block. I am not sure now that this was a good choice. The block is dark. Oh well, ---you never know how these contests will turn out.

The blocks chosen must be compatible so as to look good together in a quilt. After the blocks are all collected, the twenty chosen blocks will be sent to the person responsible for putting the quilt together. Winners will not be announced until they are sure that all the chosen blocks work well in the quilt and that all blocks are the right size, etc. We should learn the winners around the middle of July.

When I received my packet of information and fabrics, I was surprised to find out of my home state's status in the wine industry. I knew that wine was produced, but I did not realize that we rank 5th in the nation. I chose this as my theme.

Three other members of my quilting group also entered this challenge. Wouldn't it be great if we all have blocks chosen for the quilt? There is a group of ladies in Sulphur Springs that enter every year. Three of these ladie's blocks were chosen in 2006.

To read about individual blocks from 2006 and to see all the quilts from previous years look here

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