Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I finished my machine stitching on this applique block. If you remember, this one is the one where pieces are backed with freezer paper. I was worried about taking the paper out. The paper provided stableization as I stitched. The pieces stayed in place (they were glued with Roxanne's)
but all the time I was stitching I was wondering if I would ever get the cotton-pickin paper out (remember I am from the south-LOL)!

Well, the stitching ended and the cutting began. Remember that the background fabric had to be cut away before the paper could be rem0ved. I found the most success with samll embroidery scissor, actually the ones I used are curved manicure scissors. Some of the ring had to be cut away also under the flowers. I didn't realize that I would be able to cut away sections of the ring. I was thinking that I would have to take the ring paper off then the flower paper and I couldn't imagine how that would happen. You can see in this picture where some of the paper is removed and some is not.
When I had cut all the background away behind each piece I took a spray bottle of water and wet each piece thoroughly. They need to be fairly WET! Five minutes and the paper could be removed easily. I was prepared to use tweezers as Sue Nickols suggests in her book on Machine Applique. I did not have a problem. A few seam allowances tried to sneak in in the ring under the flowers (the double layers), but I tugged gently with my fingers and they came right out. I was worried about fading, but the red did not fade at all. I did NOT prewash the fabric either. I never do as I love the wrinkled look of old quilts that happens when you wash. If any fabric would fade, it would certainly be the red. Guess I had some good luck in that area.

Here is the finished block with all the paper removed. I pressed the block dry being careful not to get too hot and melt the nylon invisible thread. I like blogging about methods I try as it helps me remember what worked for me and what does not. I hope you have enjoyed seeing the results of this applique freezer paper method. I think Sue is right--it works pretty good. I certainly like the ease of preparing the pieces with a glue stick. Also the way the pieces are stabelized as you stitch them down. Since the paper comes out fairly easy, I guess that makes this method a winner.

GREAT DAY TODAY!!! It was rainy and I got to sew and quilt and work with my fabrics. I love days like that! I hope your day was just as nice. ON TO THE NEXT BLOCK!

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