Thursday, April 3, 2008

Applique Block Roll Up Tote

One more project finished. This is my first try at getting it right, so, of course there are things I will do different "next time". It did turn out pretty good. I used upholstery material. Two large squares, right sides together, sew, and turn. Stitch up the opening then on to covering a length of outdoor faucet insulator. You know, the stuff made of styrofoam? That is what I used for the side cylinder.
I covered the cylinder leaving about 3 inches of fabric to attach to the large square. To cover the ends I cut circles, stuffed it under the fabric covering the cylinder and then slip-stitched it in place.This photo is just to show you placement of the ties on the outside of the large square. I placed some applique in the Roll up and pinned the ties in several different places until I found a placement that worked.

I think I will try making one more. I will use this one for smaller blocks and make a larger one for my 24 inch blocks. The 24" blocks hang out of this one.


Kathy said...

Looking Good, Ms. Molly. I like it! You are making me jealous getting all of this sewing done!!!

country mouse said...

Ooohhhh that is soooo cool!! I may have to try to make one someday. I love to travel with my applique and this is a great idea!

Hannies Annies said...

I love it! I have never seen one before! do you just take your work u are working on and when you are done roll it up with the work in progress inside? I just need someone to define it's purpose...we don't use the cylinder for anything? I am a quilter...sewer, you name it...I love all kinds of thinking I should make one of these..

Erin in NH

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