Sunday, January 6, 2008


Cheryl McInnis's Christmas Quilt.
Just realized that I had saved this as a draft. SORRY These are all the Round Robin Quilts except mine.

Kathy Earley's Red White and Blue in honor of her son, Josh.
This is Debbie Stanleys beautiful Applique Nine Patch. I failed to get Debbie in the picture, but I will later.
This is Rhondas "Deck of Cards" quilt.
Melissa's Compass Centre Quilt--it's a hotty like her!

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Nana's Quilts said...

I especailly love the Santa quilt. Just darling. And thanks to you, one gal in my LQG has the 'fixings' for a new Christmas quilt. I plagerized your idea, and gave everyone a 13 1/2" square of muslin and a center red Christmas print. They were to fill the rest of the muslin with strips of Christmas left-overs. And on Saturday we drew a name and Ronda won the 20 completed squares. Now all she has to do is put them together and she has a full-blown Christmas quilt with minimal effort. Yeah! So thanks to you for the great idea. And a happy new year.

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