Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Free Embroidery Designs

I haven't embroidered in a while, but I bought all the thread I need to embroidery for years, I think. I love Heather's Home designs. She has a yahoo site where all her free designs are available. You must join, but it is free. She puts up new designs fairly often and I have not found one that didn't stitch out beautifully. This bear is one that is perfect for the upcoming holiday. There are many more "bears" from ballerina to rainy day bears. Sometimes designs will be free for a time and then for sell. Visit -from her site you will link to Oregan patch Works where you can look and buy any of her designs. Then you can link to her yahoo site where you can join then pick up all the free designs under "files".

It could say: "I think I will bearly cook on Thanksgiving!"
LET'S TRY IT OUT! I'LL POST IT WHEN I GET IT DONE--now what did I do with that hoop?

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