Friday, August 17, 2007

I've Been Inspired

Sew--inspire me! I spend some time at a retreat and see all the beautiful quilts being made. I get an urge to applique. See a few new techniques and gadgets and whaaalaaaa-I am ready to get going. When I get home, I start going throught my patterns and internet sites trying to decide what I will make. After all, several thousands of hours of my life will be spent making this masterpiece. I never have enjoyed making the same block over and over. Sew, I decide I want a sampler quilt. Possibly some applique blocks and some pieced blocks. Then I think, "Well, why should I make someone elses quilt? Why can't I make my own quilt. A one-of-a-kind quilt. I will design each applique block as I go then put them with a pieced block that I decide on as an alternate block. A dreamy border and I will have a quilt all my own." I have never been a person who could or would follow directions. I read them and promptly forget them and do my own thing. A friend told me about a product called Du-sew or Do-sew. It is used to help you place applique pieces in an exact position. It reminds me of a see through interfacing. This should help me if I decide to do several of the same block. You trace the pattern on this product and then baste one side to your oversized block of fabric. You raise the Du-sew and place the pieces in the correct place and then lay the Du-sew back over the piece or pieces to make sure they are positioned exact. I have not been able to find any or I would do a demo. Maybe later. Another gadget that I learned about is called Circleze. This makes applique circles a breeze. Everyone but me probably knows all about this product. If so, shame on you. You should have told me! I can't wait to get it and try it out. I think I will try to order them on-line! We should start an Applique Bee--. Thanks for stopping by! M~

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Kathy said...

Applique Bee???? I'm all about one! Let's do it. Because we wouldn't need machines, etc. this would be great to do at each other's houses and rotate houses. Let's talk about it! A "Wapplique Bee"

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