Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines, I have four. My first sewing machine I do not have anymore. My mother bought it for me from a magazine add when I was in high school. When I was young married, my parents bought me a Viking Husqvarna 900. This was when the computer machines were quite new and my parents wanted me to have the newest innovative machine. A few years ago I bought a Janome Embroidery Machine. This machine is a wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone. I have by no means made use of it in the way that it is capable. I am still learning more about it everyday.

One morning on the way to work I was listening to the local swapshop when a lady was listing item s for sale. In the list she quoted a "small" sewing machine. I called her immediately and upon answering my questions, I realized that the machine was a Featherweight. Upon seeing the machine I became very excited, but retained my composure and ask what she wanted for the machine. Imagine my surprise when she said $40. Some would argue that I "stole" the machine. Possibly, but who was I to argu her mind? My argument is that she got exactly what she wanted. Needless to say, I paid her what she asked and took my machine to the local "sewing machine man" to check it out. It actually is in good shape. It is not mint condition, with some wearing of the gold trim. I imagine the lady of the 1930's excitement when she bought her little machine, probably from a traveling salesman, then called drummers. The 'drummer' would stay in the local hotel and make his way around the area selling his wares. After purchase, the owner probably made baby clothes, curtains, aprons, the more clothing than we can even imagine. Quilts were made from the scraps of the items and at some time in her life, maybe even a wedding dress for a daughter. It's whirring sound is a sound that brings me pure joy. No new machine makes such a delightful noise. In this day and time you can buy a Featherweight in mint condition. They have been completely rewired and and even painted bright beautiful colors of pink, green, and red. The original color of black is my favorite.

My latest machine was bought at an estate sale and you can read about it here. The early Viking Husqvarna was probably made in the 1960s, although I have not done the research. I bought it for the cabinet it was in, but the little machine whirs like a kitten and I cleaned and oiled it myself. I have been using it since bought. I can quilt on it as I embroider on my new machine.

I was surprised to learn that many quilters have excess of 5 machine. That I am in the minority with my four. This proves, once again, our passion for our art. It's been proven time and time again. We just can't quilt quilting. We love all aspects of it. Thanks for your interest. M


Darlene said...

She's very pretty!

Yes, I have a 'fleet of machines', too. LOL

Sweet P said...

Molly I'll join you in the minority. I only have one sewing machine, a Janome Jem. Although I could count my DIL's machine as a second one in my studio, but I don't use it.

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