Sunday, April 8, 2007

Maverik Quilt Ring

Blogs are still so new to me. I am having a ball playing with all the options given me. The blog has inspired me not only to get busy quilting, but to organize my pictures and ultimately my thoughts. I have bonded with friends also in that we have been exploring together, which is so much fun. It is alot like the fun we have quilting together. What one doesn't think of, the other one will. Jerri calls it a brain click.
I was reading about the Maverik Quilt Ring today. I explored the blogs on the ring after reading the criteria for being a part of this ring. I have decided that I definately fit into the catagorie set by this ring. I never follow a pattern. I get inspiration from other people's quilts and quilt patterns, but when it comes down to making the quilt, I do it my own way. Not only in the process by which it is made, but in the way it is put to gether. I am reminded of when I was a child. My mother had me to take piano lessons. I would go to the lesson and the teacher would practise with me and then give me a piece to take home to learn. I would have my mother play it for me. When I went for my next lesson, I would play my own interpretation of the piece for her (by ear). It made her furious, as I was not reading the music properly. Needless to say that did not last very long. I cannot play the piano. Quilting is the same way--give me a pattern and I will play it my own way. Everyone should play his own tune--or quilt--whatever the case may be. Until next time.


Kathy Wagner said...

YES! YES! Exactly right! Everyone should "play their own tune"! Thanks for your inspiration Molly!

Judy said...

LOL!! I loved reading your post! I, too, took piano lessons - years of them - and now play by ear/don't read music. Same with my quilts! And I thought I was the only one with my unorthodox methods of putting things together! :>) (I cook the same way)

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